Love’s Gonna Make It Alright-George Strait (MCA)

Geeze, why’d this become a single? Ok, I’m gonna add it, everybody else is too, and only because he is who he is. But lordy, this is a boring record. Oh, it’s got an ok groove to it, and yes there is a humable hook, but one about as memorable as those we hear in elevators. George is where he is because he’s been able to pick hooks like cherries for 30 years now. A truly amazing track record. But this one? Ugh. The song might’a worked if he’d kept it at, say 2:30, but at 3:40 it’s way past the point of feeling tired; feels like it runs twice that length. It’s as boring that “Gotta Get To You” and cut from the same “safe” cloth. I’m so disappointed. It’s the first track on the album and the three new songs that follow it are all much, much better. So, ok, ok. I’ll hold my nose and do it. But only for his fans and it’ll never make Heavy. Plus, I’ll also add one of those other cuts to The Edge so’s we’ll have something new by The King that is truly worth the time.