Love Me Like You Mean It-Kelsea Ballerini (Black River)

Sometimes, I’m almost embarrassed to say just how much I loved the girl singers of the 60’s like Leslie Gore and Connie Francis. They segued into Dusty Springfield (at her earliest), into the odd Olivia Newton-John and to whomever is singing songs of longing and idealized love to today’s young girls over on the Pop stations. The thing about the Leslie Gore’s of history, the thing to remember is that the Mommies of those young ladies like the songs near as much as their daughters in junior high and high school do. There are a lot of young women singers coming at us left and right and, look at recent chart history, none of them are still with us. The problem they had was, they didn’t have songs with sharp hook. I’m beyond just mature now and am not as sharp as I once was in figuring out what new records girl listeners and their mommies would probably like. Still, I’ll probably put money on this one. They didn’t forget the hook.