Made In America-Toby Keith (Show Dog)

Well, it doesn’t excite me much, sorry to say. I come away wondering what’s the point? It’s a collection of images; old self-sufficient can-do farmer, idealistic teacher-wife, farm, barn, flag, then seguing into foreign cars and American made stuff being replaced by lower-cost items from overseas. Okay and the point is?? He’s not calling for any kind of revolution and he’s not exactly out-right bitchin’ about our current state of the nation. It’s more like just reading the list and slowly, resignedly shaking the head. Maybe it’ll be interpreted as something more by the individual listener and be with us for five months. I think it’ll be more short term than that, though. The record itself is very attractively produced, he’s instantly recognizable and the fans are always interested in what he’s doing. So, we should give it some shelf space and see what the response is.