Mama’s Broken Heart-Miranda Lambert (LP Cut) (RCA)

Will it be a single?, I dunno. ‘Course she just released a fine one, so if it’s coming as a radio chart single it’ll be a long ways off. But it just blows me away and if it does you, too, then let’s get it on the air and share with the gang. It has everything we love about Miranda. The lyrics are wicked and surprising and just a little bit nuts. If you ain’t yet tracked the album, get ready for a treat. She’s describing her reaction, the things she did when she lost her mind after the guy broke up with her. Mama’s telling her it’s just a break-up, to calm down, hide your crazy, start acting like a lady. And she says: but this ain’t my Mama’s broken heart!!, all set up on some king-sized boogie. My, my it is sooo good. I’ve heard it a couple dozen times now, grinning ear to ear every time.