Million Dollar View-Trace Adkins (Show Dog)

He’s delivered another strong album and I’m expecting that, once again, the best songs may go unreleased as radio singles. This song isn’t bad, no. It’s quite good, yes. I expect the thinking was “it’ll sound good on the radio” and it will. But the subject of my-wife’s-pretty-and-all-I-need-to-be-happy has been done a gazillion times. It’s not near the caliber of song like “Proud To Be Here” or “Poor Folks” or “Days Like This”. And all three of those are about the joys of the simple life, too. But they’ve got more meat on the bone. I’ve slipped the album into the player a half dozen times now. After the first tracking, I found myself skipping past “Million Dollar View”. Not exactly a glowing review for a recommended new add, I know. Sorry. I do think it’s worth a slot in the list and I can live with it for a while, looking toward better days in the future with one of the really great ones on the album.