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Mine (live at the Opry)-Taylor Swift (Big Machine)

October 16th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’m still not in favor of the studio single. She’s a primarily a Pop star now and that format is where her uptempo singles about teen girl life belong. So no, I don’t and won’t be recommending it as an add. This version, however, is a brilliant marketing and management move. Acoustic Taylor. Just her and her guitar, taking the song down six notches, turning it into a ballad and transforming it from a teenage ditty into a Woman’s song. In the process, it also flips the bird to all those rags, critics and bloggers who’ve been tossing mud-pies at her, belittling her vocal abilities. Here she is, her voice clean and clear, stripped of processing. No, she doesn’t possess world-class vocal chords, she’s a stylist and a good one. And that’s all she needs be.

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