My Heart Can’t Tell You No-Sara Evans (RCA)

A truly fabulous song, it was a major hit for Rod Stewart twenty three years ago. I moved away from work in the Pop world about that time, so I barely remembered this song when I first clicked to hear it. It really blew me away. Bad Blake in “Crazy Heart” said that’s how you know the good ones, they sound like you’ve heard’em before. In this case, I actually had heard it before. Third listen, I did the google on the title and there she be. 1988, it was. I don’t know how much the A/C and Oldies stations may still be playing this, don’t know how familiar our cross-format listeners may be with it. Those that love the Rod won’t take to this one too easily, naturally. But, no concern. For those who’ll hear it as a new song, they’ll be wowed. And those familiar with it already should be won over pretty quick.