My Love Follows You Where You Go-Alison Krauss (Rounder)

The last I looked, I think she was up over a third of a million units sold with the album this is from. Forty weeks after release, it’s still #2 on the Bluegrass chart. Big market Country stations never play her because the boxed-in thinking is She’s a Bluegrass act forgetting that virtually EVERY core Country fan attests that they like at lease some Bluegrass and think a bit of it ought to be included in a mainstream Country mix. With that fact in mind, if a PD decides it’s a good tactical move to put some on the playlist, then it follows that the smartest thing to do is to put the Queen of the genre in there. Especially when she gives us one this classy. Be not surprised if you don’t see this on the national airplay charts. Be not surprised if you get some phones ringing with requests. Everybody likes a bit of Alison Krauss in their ears.