Night’s On Fire – David Nail (MCA/Nashville)

i do hope the guy catches the right wind, cause i can easily imagine him having a string of hits. hit had a top ten’er in ’09. the next one was in ’12, then one at the end of ’13. the follow-up to that didn’t do anything and here is single number four, i believe. and this one’s got the feel of tryin’-too-hard-for-a-hit. i’m growing increasingly tired of this crowd-chant cookie thing seems like everybody’s doing now. you know, the background voice(s) going: AAAaaAAaaaAAAA. or Woooo Hoooo or whatever. you know. ever’body’s doin’ it. tim and kenny and blake and little big town and lady a and all of ’em. gettin’ old, it is. usually the crowd cookie doesn’t show up until thirty or forty-five seconds into the record. young david here pops that sucker right out of the shoot. he opens with it. and then there’s just way too many lyrics for the type of song it is. it’s a teen-aged boy (probably) talking, singing about this hot girl he’s with who can’t wait to screw. they go to a party,then they’re both so very horny, the duck out and head out to somewhere’s in the sticks so’s they can do it in the bed of his pickup. ain’t heard that one before. doin’ it in a truck? really? so, back to the story. lot of words in this one, remember. so he’s burned rubber and is barreling down the road off to where this place is and she’s giving him a hand job. or maybe it’s that other job, but the woman’s playing with their lives here. and it’s gotta be something inside that cab, ’cause there’s that line about her drawing hearts in the steam on the windows. only he also tells us a couple of times that this is all happening in friggin’ JULY! this is clearly, obviously, absolutely set in the south. i’ve lived all over the damned south, florida and virginia and tennessee and arkansas and texas, which ain’t the south, but you know. texas. and in the south, it’s fuckin’ hot at night in july. and if this young woman is causing condensation, well please get the scientists studyin’ on her. songs like this can be hits right? they are all the time, even as the narrative is growing stale. so maybe. but i don’t yet think so.