Pallbearer-Josh Turner (LP Cut) (MCA)

The new album “Punching Bag” arrived a couple days ago and yes there are several songs on it that will be hit singles. And then there is absolute greatness. This one! Wow! Country does heartbreak better than any other format, for sure; our song-scribes do ’em good all the time, so when one stands out head and shoulders above the others, it’s really sayin’ something. I couldn’t yet say that it will have the lasting impact of songs like “Crazy” or “He Stopped Loving Her Today”, but I don’t think I’m stretching when I call it a Classic Country song out of the box. A thoroughbred. Turner wrote it and I’m beyond impressed. (That’s Marty Stuart on the mandolin and the fabulous Iris Dement doing harmony.) I absolutely want people to hear this song on my station first!