Pray To Jesues-Brandy Clark Album

I’ve been being romanced by this album for near three weeks now and every song on it turns my crank in one way or another. Now Stripes, the only single off it so far was re-released a couple weeks ago and, as yet, there’s no bubbling for it on the airplay charts. Again, Corporate Radio really doesn’t like True Country all that much, so it might become Brandy’s fate to become a cult star. Hope for more than that, but on the other hand, there’s a bunch of folks in Austin who’ve built a very nice life bein’ just that. So, I’m listening and groovin’ on Ms Clark wondering, if not Stripes, then what’s got the best shot at the radio airplay bulls-eye. I think it could be Pray To Jesus (and play the lotto). This is the one I’ve found myself humming for the past ten days now. It is an deft observation, an uncritical commentary on the lives of millions of down-sized, down-scaled, down-hoped Americans now. This is a simple, unadorned, unpretentious and magnificent Country song. The great ones look at life and speak the truth.