Radio-Darius Rucker (Capitol)

This is such a white-bread song, I can imagine it being sung on the tube on one’a them old tv variety shows. Like, Andy Williams, maybe. Mighta’ even had the same arrangement. His current single has been huge, is still selling. #4 single and #3 Country Album. Slacker EQ is fading but it’s still inside the Top 20 there. This is so very much like that one, only less. Like a sequel. I guess it is the safe thing to do to promote this one now. Five years into his crossover, most all of our regular crowd have now welcomed the man into the family, only the second time they’ve done that with a brown man. Good for all of us, but it’s still an anomaly, far from a trend. Darius been a true Country fan since he was in grade school. This guy’s no panderer or poser, he’s into it at a cellular level. With that in mind does he want bland records like this to be his legacy? I imagine he’s got some serious music to lay on us somewhere not far down the path. Right here though, he’s on cruise control.