re-Add: Girl Crush-Little Big Town

It sounded like a hit record to me from opening. It was on the list for 17 weeks and when it peaked at 33 three weeks ago and a new single was serviced in it’s place. The chart-reporter guys seemed to have had some problem with the seemingly lez-line: “I want to kiss her lips”. But it’s not about that at all. It is a very heterosexual song as anyone who’s listened knows. She doesn’t want a woman, she wants to know and understand what the other woman has that’s taken her man away, don’t ya know. I wrote this long diatribe about it’s chart failure for posting on my blog, but then decided not to post it because, well, it’s just music, it ain’t a cure for cancer. Still, I’m always a irritated when a hit record gets lost. Well, what have we here? The thing turned around and is moving back on up. So, I’m putting it back into higher rotation on the Currents list for another month or so.