Ready Set Roll-Chase Rice (Columbia)

While it is a total formula, paint-by-numbers-that-worked-before kind of record, it may well break into the Top 20. Top 10, even. Certainly there are plenty of flash-in-the-pan forgettable records doing that. This just fits the Bro-Country narrative: Hot girl, pick-up truck, open road, little bit of rap, little bit of auto-tune, little bit of electronica. Hey, should work yet again, right? Rice co-wrote the monster hit “Cruise” but there’s not a single new idea in this one. Oh, he left out any reference to beer, so I guess we can call that ‘original’ for songs turned out from this mold. Note: there are two versions, one where he tells her to get her “little fine ass” up in the truck, the other says get her “little fine self” up there. Be aware of that if you choose to add it now.