Red Solo Cup-Toby Keith (Show Dog)

He said it outright, this is the stupidest song I’ve ever heard…so stupid it’s great. He can play five new songs and an hour later this is the one the receptionist is singing. The song is a ode to a plastic cup filled with the intoxicant of choice. There are four versions; the album version with those awfully offensive words: testicles and ass. The ‘clean’ version substitutes with vegetables and a dropped word. And actually, listening to them back to back, I think the word vegetables makes it funnier. And there’s no mistaking that the dropped word is “ass” and the space just begs to be filled-in verbally by the listener, and he’ll most certainly enjoy doing so. Then there’s an “edited” version that uses vegetables and includes the word ass. Now kiss my ass has become acceptable in most mixed company settings these days, so I expect you can get by with it and not get too many calls from the church lady. Oh, and there’s also a ‘bleeped’ version that has a silly sounder where vegetables/testicles goes. Forget that one; not cool, so take your pick from one of the other three. I’m adding to Heavy out of the box. There is absolutely no way this won’t light the phones like a Christmas tree. We want ’em to hear it here first.