Run-Sugarland with Matt Nathanson (Mercury)

For the last couple of years, certainly with the last album, the duo’s focus has been on crossing over to Pop. How’s that workin’ out? After rolling out ten Top 10 singles between ’05 and ’09, they’ve managed just one since then. “Stuck Like Glue” did the job last year, and of course that was a very Pop-y record. If they’re gonna pull the cross-to-pop trick, this is the way to get it done; it’s how Lady A’s managed, with a very sexy love song. The lyrical imagery here is erotic, spellbinding even. Singer-Songwriter Nathanson leads off and it’s a good 70 seconds before the patented voice of Ms. Nettles appears. That arrangement makes for a surprise the first time we hear it and a wait-for treat on successive listens. Sounds like a smash hit to me. In our format and one or two others to boot.