Shake the Sand Off The Sheets & Little Bit Later On-Luke Bryan (Capitol)

These two tracks are off the EP Spring Break 4. The four-cut CD was released early last month and showed up two weeks ago on the digital sales charts with about 20 thousand units sold. Not a lot, but it got my interest and Steve Hodges at Capitol sent me a copy. Three of the songs are geared right at the college spring break sand, suds & sex experience. The other one’s for the guys who didn’t make it to the beach. That’s Little Bit Later On a song about hangin’ out, looking for something to do. It’s got an infectious beat and cool Countryfied attitude about it. Neat hook, too. Shake The Sand Off The Sheets is a sexy ballad about a tryst at a beach resort, could be a one nighter, could be early in a serious relationship. Either case, that sand could be a problem for certain activities. Either, or both of these songs could be radio hits if they were to be released as such.