Show You Off-Dan + Shay (Warner Brothers)

Here comes Rascal Flatts Redeux again. With whistling this time. I’m sure I’d like this duo a lot more if they didn’t sound so danged much that the supergroup and had a more individualized sound. Now, that said, this is a more distinctive record. The whistling and the tabernacle chorus does that, give’s it a beneficial uniqueness. The first single took it’s time getting up the charts. I never did much believe it was worth the airtime but when it approached the Top 10 I finally reluctantly decided to join in. It peaked at #11 just as I added it and this time next week will be off the airplay charts completely. Mistake to add it, maybe? Dunno. It did sell a half million digitals. But don’t expect anybody’ll have it in Recurrent this time next year. This new single will prove it’s worth one way or another much quicker. First, radio gatekeepers know the name now. Second, there’s that whistling.