Sierra – Maddie & Tae (Dot)

I live for records that hit me like this one does. You hit the play button and it gives you some joy. It’s the kind of record that screams: Put me on the radio right now, share me with people. Now I love hooks, you know. Real hooks, not the kind of pseudo-hooks I hear at the gym. What I mean is: hooks that MAKE you begin singing along before they’re through that first time you hear them. You can do that with this one. Another reason it gets me is I so loved the girl groups. The Shirelles, Angels, Caravelles, I remember them all. What makes this one a potential monster is that inside the hook is a mind-story you can fill in with your own experiences. These young women are telling another young woman something that the girls of the ’60s told their rivals: “You’re gonna get yours, dearie.” This is such a well-written lyric. The whole story is there, told in less than three minutes! And as did the girls of old, Maddie and Tae mind their manners; the ladies don’t say that say that word even though they really, really want to. You just fill in the word yourself in your noggin’ every time needed.

Hear here.