Small Town Throwdown-Brantley Gilbert (Valory)

With Thomas Rhett and Justin Moore added in, here comes the Hip-Hop-ization of Country where everybody’s releasing singles with ever’body else. Ho-hum. I’ll add it, yes, but only because these three guys are huge right now. If this record was released by somebody we don’t know, I doubt any of us would be adding it out of the box because we’ve heard it all before a hundred-dozen times. We’re rednecks. We drive trucks. We work hard. We drink beer. Now it’s Friday and we’re gonna go back in the woods and get drunk with hot wimmen. Sheesh! These guys are at the top of their game and they give us a record that’s akin to watching an episode in the final season of a dying sit-com that’s long past it’s hey-day. I’m sure the boozed up fans at the stadium show will cheer when they launch into it, but listening to it in the car? I wonder how much pleasure it’s gonna deliver. (I think I’ll go turn on the Eric Church album now.)