Standard American-Gunnar & The Grizzly Boys (Jerry Duncan Promotions)

I got an advance on this about two months ago and am almost embarrassed to say how much I love the danged thing. Sure nothin’ else quite like it. It’s got it’s groove on and overflowin’ with attitude. I get images of Big Bad John crossed with that guy Steve Earle was telling us about in “Copperhead Road”, way back when. How can guys not love this guy? Ain’t this what we all like to think we’d like to be? Stand on your own, don’t take no crap, served proudly but don’t much care for the guv’ment that sent him there? National Geographic and other cable channels are filled with reality shows about guys like this. “Deadliest Catch”, “Gator Boys”, “Life Below Zero”. Americans love the idea of these kind of guys, don’t they! Now be forewarned, he’s a “standard ‘merican sum’bitch”. I’ve heard the original before the light obfuscation was added and it totally cracked me up. With a bow towards all those who’ll balk, they’ve kinda muffled it and done it quite well, I think. ‘Course ain’t no confusin’ what the boy’s sayin’ now. I think it’s ok. We hear a whole lot worse in primetime tv with nobody balking. Just be aware.