Stomp-Jared Blake (Skiddko)

Bein’s that it’s on an unknown label by an unfamiliar name, much as I liked it right off, I was figuring on holding off and listening more in coming weeks to see how it sticks in my ears. But the thing keeps calling me back again and again. It’s as infectious as measles. I’ve always loved songs that just bust out of the radio, making a listener stop, turn it up and say: What the heck is THAT! What this is is three minutes of cross-breeding of Bluegrass and Rap built around an overpowering Thump. If anybody’s not tapping their toes, snappin’ their fingers and movin’ their body by about twenty seconds into this thing, that body is dead. I’ll not make any bets that it’ll be Top 10, but while it lasts it puts a spice into the mix like nothing else.