Strait Album: Love Is Everything (MCA)

Now accompanying the final tour is a new album that’s a home run. While they won’t all make it that far, I think there are at least four more radio singles on this collection. Not in any order of preference, the ones that grab me are: Sittin’ On The Fence, a guy sitting there trying to decide whether to let her go or to marry the lady. Major decision time. Delivered with an excellent, two-step arrangement. You Don’t Know What You’re Missing ….til it’s gone. This is one of the best bar room conversation songs ever. Beautiful. I Got A Car a full-on romantic movie it is. This is four and a half minutes and that is exactly the right length for it. I carp all the time about song length, (ya think?) but there are those that earn it. My favorite just now is: That’s What Broken Hearts Do. Great radio hits are about having and dealing with broken hearts. Absolutely everybody has had that go-round. Great radio hits, you can dance to. Great radio hits have hooks that you can begin singing along with before you’re halfway through hearing it the very first time.