Summer Back-Andy Gibson (Curb)

I’m trying to remember the other song this remind me of. The intro riff is familiar, I’ve heard it before; some Pop record from a decade or more back there in the cobwebs. I hope I remember what it was before the run is finished ’cause it’s going to gnaw at me. Gibson’s voice here sounds much akin to David Nail’s. Not a bad thing, that. Normally, we’d want a ‘summer’ song to have been released, say two months ago, so’s it could be getting all familiar-like at the height of the season. But this one’s about remembering a joyous relationship from a summer gone by, so if it’s a hit (and it sounds like it to me), it’ll be peaking in September right about the time some young folks will be thinking on things that go down this summer. As music is the soundtrack of our lives, this one is well timed to fit a variety of personal grooves.