Takin’ Pills-Pistol Annies (RCA)

I suppose it’s a single. Kind’a. They put out a video for it. But, then it won’t be promoted to radio as that might some how put a damper on Miranda’s official radio single. For a quarter century now, I’ve been puttin’ more-than-one-new-song-by-top-Country-artists into the Currents list and have never once seen a down-side, nor any indication of such. Just the opposite, in fact. My secret bullet ain’t no secret, I’m just always surprised nobody else ever seems to want to put it in the chamber. Even when they’s all hungry and rabbits and squirrels are jumpin’ all over the place and all you gotta do is load up and shoot one. The record is fun and sassy, start to finish. Oh, and last week the Pistol Annies album was just a head of Miranda’s solo album on the album sales chart ranking. You don’t lose by playing’ what’s sellin’.