Text Me Texas-Chris Young (LP Cut/RCA)

I don’t know what it’ll be just now, but if this ain’t selected as the next single, somebody gotta have their heads examined. I’m not known for my ability to pick ballads all that well in advance; not much of a romantic or ain’t had enough heartbreaks in my life, maybe. But I do know that the great hit songs are stories you can put yourself into, stories about real life. People live for texting now, it is their life-blood. Everybody has had more than their share of anxious moments, waiting for that damned phone to beep and deliver the message they absolutely must have. They can’t do or think of anything else until it comes. When anyone gets the feeling the one they love is about to stray, when a few cyber-digits would be so quick, so simple, so comforting but the text doesn’t come, it is agony. What we got here is real life, a story that connects. What we got here is a hit song.