That Ain’t Good-Hank Williams Jr (Blaster)

It’s about the best new single from Hank in a decade or more. It is semi-political, which is apparently what he most wants to talk about these days, so it seems. But it’s not overtly right or left. Mostly it’s just some bitchin’ about the way things are. Now, sayin’ it that way, it don’t sound very attractive, do it? But it is pretty good. Good hook, nice beat and instrumentation. I can listen to it some more. Now I surely doubt it’s gonna see any chart life, considering the current lay of the chart-reporting-landscape. See Willie Nelson currently pulling top requests on every station playing “Just Breathe” and we all notice what the corporate chart reporters think of that one, don’t we. Maybe real people would also like to hear a new Hank, too? (not that this is anywhere near the caliber of Willie’s single, but you catch the drift.)