That Girl-Jennifer Nettles (Mercury)

Ok, the guy is gone and it’s just Jennifer now, no more duo. Good with that. I got all disappointed with Sugarland, see. Like a busted love affair. That last album was such a let down. It was like she ran off to be with some other guy, some con-man, and I knew he was leading her astray. Seemed like she was goin’ all LeeAnn on me. That relationship went south. It’s been three years since that last album and last Top 10 (#1) single. But, glory be, she ran into Rick Rubin, super-producer and visionary. This collaboration gave me goose bumps first time out. It is an exceptionally well written song. The arrangement and production are sensational. No, it’s not Country with a big C. It’s pushing at the edge, but I believe it’s still inside the envelope. Certainly no more on the other side of the line than, say, Ms Underwood. I’m trusting the gatekeepers will welcome her back, ’cause this is one fine record.