That Look-Aaron Watson (Big/Thirty Tigers)

Well, we found some Country songs to add this week. This one, Rodney, RaeLynn. The others, like so much coming out of NashVegas these days are, well, nuevo-Country I guess I can call it that for the time being. We do need a name for it, some branding name for whatever it is that’s happened to the music in the past decade. Turbo-twang came about as a descriptive phrase for the early 90’s boot-scoot era and I liked that quite a bit. This song by Aaron isn’t on the radio airplay charts yet but got my attention because it showed up at #10 on the digital single sales this past week. Now, admittedly, single sales are pretty paltry, but the other twenty-nine on the singles sales list are on broadcast radio, so how did folks find this? Social media, maybe? People spending a buck for a song has always been one of the strongest indicators of programming value. So that, plus the fact that it’s an actual honest-to-got Country record makes me figure it’s worth the shot.