Think A Little Less – Michael Ray (Warners/Atlantic)

Ever since “I’d Love To Lay You Down”, songwriters have been trying to match, use, emulate, to include with different twists of phrasing some line about the her dress hitting the floor, being removed, etc. Hard thing to do and make it sound fresh. Alan Jackson did it a good turn with “I’ll Go On Loving You”. This record, however, blows. It isn’t about love. It’s not about commitment. It is pure young man horn-dog. He wants to get naked and screw, that’s all he’s saying. Making no bones about it: “Tomorrow you can say we’re just friends.” Cause that’s sure as shit what he’s going to do. So keep your wits about you, young lady. We’re coming to the end of this bro-country (little c) phase now. It’s gone trite and tired and mediocre records with plastic hooks aren’t going to help anybody.