Til My Last Day-Justin Moore (Valory)

If this ain’t a smash, if this ain’t a #1 song, I’ll eat my hat and yours, too. It’s one’a them rare perfect Country records that resonates within the heart and soul. Every young woman goes into marriage thinking she can make that bad boy better, can change him, can save him from himself. Sometimes it works out, half the time it doesn’t but the women, bless their hearts, keep hopin’ and tryin’. And guys, in their romantic core, are also looking, searching for the woman who’ll bring out the best in them, their soul-mate. In this song, he’s found her. He confesses his past sins; repents for true love; vows to be a good and righteous man until his dying day. It is produced with an understated simplicity, the perfect foundation that never gets in the way of the lyric. And Justin’s voice rolls with conviction and truth.