Today Is Your Day-Shania Twain (Mercury)

This is the perfect record for her at the perfect time. When you put it all together, it’s one’a them Lifetime movies my mommy at the retirement village in Magnolia loves so much. Superstar gives it up, moves to a castle in Europe to live happily ever after with the Svengali who launched and guided her. After a while, she catches him doin’ the dirty deed with her best friend. Explosion. She and former bestest-buddy’s hubby console each other. Then, since they have so much in common, they marry. She’s encouraged to re-launch her career, but because of the trauma has lost her voice and confidence. Then, through some spiritual awakening and support of loved ones, it all comes back. She even takes a fall, dang near breaks a bone when approaching the stage on a nationally televised awards show, right there in front of God and everybody. She plays through the pain, carries it off it style. I mean, the whole script is pulp romance novel start to finish. Total cliché. Except it’s all true. So who couldn’t love this story? The story is all over the media. She’s on the cover of at least three mags at the checkout stand this week alone. She’s Oprah’s new BFF. And this single? Jeeze, it is absolutely perfect for the closing credits.