Tracks from: Red River Blue-Blake Shelton

As I said over there in the left column, this is one fabulous collection of new pleasers. It’s the rare bird, the CD you can slip into the slot and hear start to finish, happy there’s no need to skip around to find something good. Here are my immediate faves: Ready To Roll Workday, workweek is over and he’s ready to grab his woman and get lazy, doin’ a whole bunch of nothin’. It’s presented with just the right kind of groove to fit that state of being. Get Some is a hoot. Everybody’s out to get some of somethin’er other. I can’t really describe it, you gotta hear it for yourself. My guarantee, you’ll be smiling as you do. Drink On It is a song of seduction using the oldest tool in the seducer’s bag. Sure it’s rather tawdry but it’s presented in such a sweet and endearing way, you can forgive him for it. This time, anyway. Good Ole Boys is about Country gentlemen. Not sophisticated gentlemen, but gents nonetheless. They don’t wear their ball caps sideways, they hold the door for ladies, and such as that. As with the other three in my list here, it is much fun to listen to.