Unlove You – Jennifer Nettles (Big Machine)

Eric Church’s album has been the only excitement I’ve had in many moons….until this piece of utter wonderfulness dropped into my inbox. My, my what a song. Co-written with the mah-valous genius of Brandy Clark; may the muse be with her always. This is a Country song. This is a song that transcends the format in the way songs by Patsy and “..Brown Eyes Blue” did, because it is a simple and raw expression of heartbreak. That makes it a universal song. This could be a world-wide hit, with a bit of luck and an aligned star or three. Pay attention to the word strings. “…I would have already kissed ’til I was drunk on your lips.” And, “They call it fire but it feels like drowning”. And this and this: “I wasn’t lost until you found me.” “I can’t unfeel how I felt.” And, AND these two broken hearts are about to have a final night of goodbye sex. Brilliant, utterly brilliant. People won’t hear all of that at first. It’s got a strong hook line in the title alone, “I can’t unlove you” is easily hummed. The ear will notice a couple of those great lines the first, second, third time they hear it. Then, when they hear it more, they’ll begin to understand exactly how masterfully these complex emotions are expressed in these words. Songs that give you more surprises even after you have become familiar with them are one of life’s great pleasures.