When I’m Gone – Craig Morgan (Black River)

There is no reason on earth for this record to be as long as it is. It’s got about 2:30 worth of stuff but they took fifteen seconds short of four minutes to fluff it up with, I dunno what to call it. Value-added options? It starts off real promising, an electrified banjo with some other electric thingie sliding up and down the scale next to it. Interesting, that. He starts singing about his legacy, contemplating his own mortality, see. The music is mixed too hot on the track so a good portion of his lyrics are unintelligible. Kiss of death in a Country record when the listener has to struggle to understand the words. On second listen, it struck my ear somewhat better. Not by much though. One of my bestest, oldest buddies in the record business is promo honco for the label and ahh do hope it’s a hit for him and that my first impressions here off the mark.