When You’re Over Me-Lo Fi (Gasoline)

It’s a great week for me, gang! This here is one more exciting piece of business. “When you’re over me” isn’t describing the epilogue of a love affair that flamed out. Noooo, this one’s just getting started. The song/title is an ecstatic ode to woman-on-top. It is the most lustful record I’ve heard in many moons. This couple has gone at it like minks and rabbits and all them other creatures that do it a lot. It blasts out of the gate with a pounding beat and a strong guitar. Then he comes on describing the scene, what went down last night and what’s about to happen once again right now ’cause neither of them are sated. Ah, sweet youth. Oh, and that talky thing he does there at the 1:45 mark…brilliant!