Whiskey & Lace album-Krystal Keith (Show Dog)

Toby’s daughter can be star. It helps that daddy is who he is and lends a masterful hand and wisdom to the career game plan. But that would be for naught if the girl didn’t have the chops. Listening to the album, it’s clear she certainly does. The first single was a misstep. “Get Your Redneck On” was something I’d expect from some wannabe. Certainly, she does want-to-be, but still! I could hear any one of six other tracks as solid radio singles. Here are the best two: Doin’ It has an infectious hook supported with a solid groove. It’s about two things to be doin’: listening to music and drinkin’ the beverage of your choice. I know, another drinkin’ song. But a good one. Can’t Buy You Money is a song daddy co-wrote that first appeared on his “White Trash With Money” album two years ago. Toby’s original is fine, but the daughter makes this into a really good working class woman’s song.