Blown Away-Carrie Underwood (Arista)

Ok, I can’t do it out of the box and then have TWO anti-Country productions by her in Currents at the same time. And if I put it on the list in a future update, it will be with serious misgivings and apprehension. This is a really fine POP/Disco record, with the drum machine, a hint of the dreaded AutoTune and all that. Now the theme is Country. It’s a good lyric and mostly we can understand it all before some of it devolves into the near incomprehensible vocal mush that has always been perfectly acceptable for Pop
and Rock records but is sorely disliked by the Country audience who want to understand every word sung in their songs, not just most of ’em. Again, this is a great Pop record. It should be a monster hit; the album has already sold beyond a million units and so has “Good Girl”. I love it, actually. I also love Oriental food, but when I go into a barbeque joint, I’m not looking for tofu.