Springsteen-Eric Church (Capitol)

It was on the Currents list as an album cut for 10 weeks, then I moved it to Edge/Album rotation in mid-January. Officially the next radio single now, I’m putting it back into recommended Current. Lots of music fans know Bruce has a new album coming out next month, plenty of chatter about it in the entertainment world. He opened the Grammy show Sunday night; one of the highest rated Grammy telecasts in years. All that just adds gravy to this song which is, by the way, from the album that should’ve won the Grammy for Country Album of the year. Now, I do love Lady A just as much as the rest and they certainly have a fine, fine album. But, really, it’s as much A/C-Pop as it is Country. More so, even. “Chief” is as good as modern Country gets and I expect it will be recognized far into the future as one of the classics.