Wanted-Hunter Hays (Atlantic)

Yes, I do have misgivings about adding songs to the playlist by teenaged boys who are oh, so very very cute. I’m one of those Luddites who’s most displeased with the way we’ve evolved to a place where now the pretty face is the principle factor is whether or not an aspirant gets a record deal. All the fans know exactly what the singers look like and in plenty of cases could name a singer by sight more likely than by voice recognition. So, already core Country fans know what Hunter looks like. He’s all over CMT and GAC and ET and the late night shows and on and on. While grown up ladies may swoon over how adorable he is, grown up men are more likely to want to make fun of a kid, like what’s he know about real life?~! I’d rather be doing playlist adds with singers who are likely to have equal appeal to both sexes. All that said, this guy may be a superstar in his infancy. He is a baby, but he is an astounding package of talent. This song, a straight ahead love song, has much more potential for universal appeal that the first single, too.