The Importance of the DJ

Found in my archives, a short memo I posted in the control room in the summer of ’80.:

    Folks, A recent RadioIndex survey7 show the DJ is ver important to a listener’s enjoyment of his/her station. Well over half – 66.5% – said so. The jock is particularly important to 12-17 year old boys, 18-24 females and 25-24 men.

So that’s from thirty-seven years ago and the aural world has changed. Nobody’d heard the word “internet” and most people had no more than three stations that played the music they preferred. Few were fully satisfied with their favorite stations because that is impossible. But they all Liked their favorite station a lot, it was a major part of their lives. And some of them truly loved their station. It was part of their family. I’ve not yet encountered a single person who says they love Pandora.