Twisted-Colt Ford/Tim McGraw (Curb)

It’s billed as a Tim McGraw single by his old label, but he’s only the background singer here; it’s a Colt Ford record. Now there is a reason why there’s never been a flat-out rap hit on Country radio. We are a white ethnic format; rap is a black ethnic archetype. White kids like rap; their white parents do not and they are our core. Maybe some of our stars can work a little rap into a record (Sugarland/Stuck Like Glue), but when they do, if it works, it’s just a bit of spice, not the primary element in the record. Give him credit, Colt is stickin’ to his guns, delivering one rednecky rap after another. If it’s ever gonna chart, I’d expect this to be the one. I’ve heard it six times now and can still start it up and listen all the way through again. I don’t recall ever being able to do that with any rap record before